Thanks to Everyone who Participated in the 2018 Head Start Shoebox Project

It was such a blessing to see the abundance of goods donated for the shoeboxes for disadvantaged kids.

It was also a blessing to have so many people turn out on Sunday to pack and wrap the boxes! We had a great time, we got everything done on time, and we got everything cleaned up on time for the Medina Chorus rehearsal before their concert later in the afternoon.

Shoeboxes and stuffed animals will be delivered to the leadership of the local Head Start program this week. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in this effort through your donations and by participating in packing and wrapping the boxes! My God bless you as he has blessed others through you.

Each child’s box included:

A warm hat

Warm mittens or gloves

Three pairs of socks

Kids’ toothbrush and toothpaste

A boxes of kids’ Band-aids

A boxes of crayons and a coloring book

Small toys and candy

Books for the Head Start Shoeboxes are being donated by the church’s Presbyterian Women.

Three age-appropriate books