Rise Against Hunger

Feeding the hungry in Jesus’ name has been a commitment of our congregation for more than a decade. In recent years, this has take the form of active involvement in Rise Against Hunger, a faith-based organization that provides emergency nutritional assistance to hungry people around the world, and also works to advance agricultural self-sufficiency to prevent future food insecurity.

Our congregation raises fund throughout the year — largely by making and selling our delicious dark chocolate pecan clusters during Advent and Lent — fund a meal-packing event in July. These intergenerational events have traditionally packed 20,000 dry-ingredient meals that are distributed to those in emergency situation, where they can be reconstituted and cooked to provide healthy nutrition where it is desperately needed.

Even in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, we were able to reformat the meal-packing project with additional safety protocols to allow for the packing of 15,000 meals for those impacted by the economic disruption of the health emergency.