Head Start Shoeboxes

After years of participating in the international “shoebox” program at Christmas, Medina Presbyterian adapted the idea in 2018 as an outreach project to children in the Head Start preschool centers in Medina County. The following year, other churches were recruited to allow us to serve children in Wayne County, as well. Working in cooperation with the staff of the Head Start centers, and standard assortment of gifts was developed to that each child receives a reusable plastic ‘shoebox’ containing a warm hat and mittens, three pairs of socks, three age-appropriate books, a coloring book and crayon, a child’s toothbrush and toothpaste, and an assortment of toys and treats.

Families with younger children in the Early Head Start program also receive gift bags with socks, toys, and a board book.

Most years, the shoeboxes have been packed and wrapped at a festive intergenerational event after worship in December. In 2020, safe packing and wrapping stations were set up to let the project continue despite the pandemic.  With the support of church members and our partner churches in Seville and Wooster, shoeboxes were packed for 325 Head Start students and 150 of their little brothers and sister in early Head Start.

2021 Head Start Shoeboxes

Donated Items Needed

 Pre-school children’s socks

Pre-school children’s mittens

Coloring books

Boxes of crayons

Kids’ toothbrushes

Tubes of toothpaste

Kids’ band-aids

Medium stuffed animals

Small toys for pre-school children

Treats (no chocolate, nuts or

hard candy, please)

Baby socks

Baby toys